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Trials Facilities

Trials Facilities and equipment

The Oceans Systems Laboratory also has access to two large indoor pools for testing and a dedicated laboratory for development. It also has a wealth of trials equipment with relevant security equipment, spares and field repair kits including a dedicated Pioner boat for trials.
The Lab has its own Volkswagon Transporter van with trailer to ferry personnel and equipment to test sites, and to use as a mobile base when on site.
The Lab has a strong Health and Safety policy and procedures to run trials in difficult environments safely.

Other trials equipment available includes the following:
Portable VHF/UHF communications
Portable depth sounder
Handheld GPS
Petrol generators, choice of (7.5Kva) (3.2Kva) or (1Kva)
DC-AC Inverters with 4 x 110 Ah Leisure batteries for remote field trials

Pioner Boat


Van and vehicles

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