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Nessie IV AUV

Nessie IV (2009)

Nessie IV in action

Nessie IV was built in 2009 as the entry into the SAUC-E 2009 competition.It is a hover-capable inspection AUV that can be used in multiple operation modes. Designed primarily to participate in the annual SAUC-E AUV competition and also for scientific experimentation and general sub-sea research, they are extremely useful tool. It has a box shape designed framework housing twin hulls with onboard electronics and batteries.

NESSIE IV Specifications:

Design: Twin hull box design
Year of build: 2008/2009
Vehicle Dimensions: 70 x 70 x 60cm
Weight in air: 41 Kgs (< 80 lbs)
Max operating Depth: 100 meters
Speed: Up to 2.6 m/s (5 knots)
Energy: 500 W-hr internally re-chargeable
Endurance: 3 Hrs at optimum speed of 1.5m/s (3 knots)
Propulsion: 5 x Seabotix Direct drive DC brushless motors

Standard Sensor fit:
ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)

Additional sensor fit:
Colour downward looking camera
Wi-Fi surface communications
WHOI Micro modem: sub-surface communications
Forward looking Sonar (Tritech Micron)
Forward looking Sonar (Blueview 900 Khz)
WBS (under development)

at present(August 2012) Nessie IV has been put in reserve
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