Nessie 2012 AUV

Nessie 2012 is the auv entered into the annual SAUC-E competition. The Student Autonomous Underwater Challenge Ė Europe (SAUC-E) has been designed to advance Autonomous Underwater Vehicle technology. Held every year this competition encourages young engineers and scientists to think about underwater technology and its future possibilities, as well as fostering ties between the students and the organizations involved in AUV technologies. The OSLís Nessie vehicle was designed to compete in the 2006 SAUC-E and has evolved each year from a very basic underwater vehicle to the present day slightly more sophisticated Nessie 2012 vehicle.

Nessie 2012Nessie 2012 with Trident payload

Nessie is a single hulled torpedo shaped hover-capable inspection AUV that can be used in multiple operation roles. Designed primarily to participate in the annual SAUC-E AUV competition and also for scientific experimentation and general sub-sea research, it is an extremely useful tool.It provides a platform for new autonoumous software and hardware systems and is used for missions requiring a hover-capable vehicle as well as standard survey missions. It complements the Labs Remus 100 AUV very well and forms the backbone of our multiple vehicle research collaboration.

Nessie 2012 Specifications:

Design: Single hull torpedo design
Year of build: 2009/2012
Vehicle Diameter: 28cm
Vehicle Length: 160cm
Weight in air: 45 Kgs
Max operating Depth: 100 meters (328 ft)
Speed: Up to 2.6 m/s (5 knots)
Energy: 2 Kw-hr internal re-chargeable Lithium-Ion
Endurance: 22 Hrs at optimum speed of 1.5m/s (3 knots)
Propulsion: 6 x Seabotix Direct drive DC brushless motors

Standard Sensor fit:
Tritech Gemini 2D Imaging sonar
Wi-Fi surface communications antenna
2 x Colour forward looking cameras
2 x Colour downward looking cameras
WHOI acoustic modem
ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler)

Additional sensor fit:
Forward looking Sonar (Tritech Micron)
Forward looking Sonar (Blueview 900 Khz)
Trident hydrophone locating system
Wide Band Sonar system (under development)