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Micro AUV


Micro AUV is a student mechanical design project to build a minature working auv.

Micro AUV design

Micro AUV actual

mAUVe Specification
Vehicle diameter: 110mm
Vehicle Length: 680mm
Weight in air: 3.5Kg
Volume: 5800cm3
Operating depth: >5 meters
Energy: 55 Wh re-chargeable Lithium Polymer battery
Endurance: 3+ hours subject to speed
Propulsion: Magnetically coupled brushed DC motor to a shrouded 3 bladed propellor
Control: 4 independant control fins providing roll,pitch and yaw.
On/Off: Magnetic switch
External hook-up: 1 Connector with 10 base-T ethernet and power (re-charge)
Surface Comms: Wi-Fi available
Casualty Circuits: Leak,temerature and low voltage.
Navigation: Gyroscopes,accelerometers and magnetometers.
Video: Single VGA feed (60fps) via ethernet or recorded on board,capacity tbc
Sensor: external pressutre sensor
Software: tbc

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