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VIBOT DAY- 19/06/2009

What is VIBOT Day?

VIBOT Day 2009 will be held at Heriot-Watt University Post-Graduate School, Edinburgh, UK, on June 19th 2009. It is a one-day event during which you will learn more about the VIBOT – 3D Vision and Robotics Master program and the collaborative opportunities that are offered to companies wishing to sponsor the program. You will also attend several oral and poster presentations given by newly graduated students that will raise your awareness of the academic excellence of the students as well as the high level of the courses taught in the program. Moreover, this one-day event will also be an opportunity for you to meet and discuss with current international students. If you are seeking collaborative opportunities and/or looking for outstanding and highly trained candidates prepared to face the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world then VIBOT Day is the right place. Do not miss this opportunity. If you wish to interview candidates, separate rooms will be available.

The full program is available here:VibotDayProgramme
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