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Past Seminars

Date Location Title Speaker
Wed 28 Mar 12 15:15Earl Mountbatten Building Rm 2.33To followDr Subramanian Ramamoorthy, University of EdinburghMore Info >>
Wed 21 Mar 12 14:15Earl Mountbatten Building Rm 2.33To followDr Tom Larkworthy, Ocean Systems Lab, Heriot-Watt UniversityMore Info >>
Wed 14 Mar 12 14:15Earl Mountbatten Building Rm 2.33To followDr Daniel Clarke, Heriot-Watt UniversityMore Info >>
Wed 7 Mar 12 14:15Earl Mountbatten Building Rm 2.33Exploiting Variable Impedance for Robotics: Mimic or Optimize? Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar, University of EdinburghMore Info >>
Mon 13 Feb 12 14:15Earl Mountbatten Building Rm 2.33Robot models of insect navigation Professor Barbara Webb, University of EdinburghMore Info >>
Mon 13 Feb 12 14:15Rm 2.33, Earl Mountbatten BuildingRobot models of insect navigation Professor Barbara Webb, University of EdinburghMore Info >>
Wed 18 Jan 12 14:15EM G19/20Automated Planning for Hydrothermal Vent Prospecting Using AUVsDr Zeyn SiegolMore Info >>
Thu 23 Sep 10 11:00EM2.33Monte Carlo Realisation of A Distributed Multi-Object Fusion AlgorithmMurat UneyMore Info >>
Thu 9 Sep 10 11:00EM2.33Software Engineering for Embedded Control SystemsCarlos Insaurralde More Info >>
Thu 2 Sep 10 11:00EM 2.33Towards an Integrated MCM Demonstration using heterogeneous fleets of AUVsPedro PatronMore Info >>
Tue 27 Jul 10 15:01EM 2.33Automatic Fault Diagnosis for Autosub 6000Richard DeardenMore Info >>
Thu 22 Jul 10 11:00EM 2.33Probabilistic Behaviour Signatures: Feature-Based Behaviour Recognition in Data-Scarce DomainsRolf BaxterMore Info >>
Thu 22 Jul 10 11:00EM 2.33Extended Object Filtering using Spatial Independent Cluster ProcessesAnthony SwainMore Info >>
Thu 10 Jun 10 11:00EM 2.33AMADEUS Advanced Manipulation For Deep Underwater SamplingDave LaneMore Info >>
Thu 27 May 10 11:00EM2.33A Tracker based on a modified CPHD filterYohan PetetinMore Info >>
Thu 6 May 10 11:00EM G20An Overview of SeeByte Technology and SolutionsScott ReedMore Info >>
Thu 22 Apr 10 11:00EM 2.33Condition Based Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines Using Intelligent Fault Detection and Diagnosis Dave LaneMore Info >>
Thu 15 Apr 10 12:00EM 2.33Scott ReedMore Info >>
Thu 8 Apr 10 12:00EM 2.33Pedro PatronMore Info >>
Thu 25 Mar 10 11:00EM 2.33Towards robust autonomous underwater target detection and identification using AUVsYvan PetillotMore Info >>
Thu 11 Mar 10 11:00EM 2.33NESSIE V-TurboBen DavisMore Info >>
Thu 4 Mar 10 11:00EM 2.33AUVs needs in marine biologyDaniel HarriesMore Info >>
Thu 25 Feb 10 11:00EM 2.33Exploring the oceansDavid Gallo / Robert Ballard More Info >>
Mon 15 Feb 10 11:00EM 2.33AUVs at UWE: experiences from SAUC-E 2009 and future challengesTom RooneyMore Info >>
Thu 3 Dec 09 11:00EM 2.33Cascade DetectorJamil SawasMore Info >>
Thu 26 Nov 09 11:00EM 2.33Prediction, filtering and smoothing for doubly-stochastic cluster processesAnthony SwainMore Info >>
Thu 12 Nov 09 14:00EM2.33‘Corals in Deep Water – challenges and opportunities for marine technology’Professor Murray RobertsMore Info >>
Fri 30 Oct 09 11:00EM 2.33Study, design and concepts of low-frequency SAS.Yan PailhasMore Info >>
Thu 22 Oct 09 13:00Em2.33An Introduction to SeeByte (how can we work better together?)Stuart GenetMore Info >>
Thu 17 Sep 09 11:00EM G.19-20Continuous mission plan adaptation for autonomous vehicles: balancing effort and rewardPedro PatrónMore Info >>
Thu 17 Sep 09 11:00EM G.19-20Plan proximity: an enhanced metric for plan stabilityPedro PatrónMore Info >>
Thu 3 Sep 09 11:00EM 2.33Decentralized range-only solutions for autonomous localization and navigationNicolas ValeyrieMore Info >>
Tue 25 Aug 09 11:00EM 2.33Recent Progress in Multisensory Guided Grasping and Manipulation Actions from a Knowledge Based ApproachPedro J. SanzMore Info >>
Wed 24 Jun 09 11:00EM 2.33Behaviour Recognition for Spatially Unconstrained Unmanned Vehicles
Acoustic source localization using the Adaptive Projected Subgradient Method
Avoidance Method for mobile robot, using the DVZ
Rolf Baxter
Nicolas Valeyrie
Pierre Regis
More Info >>
Mon 22 Jun 09 11:00EM. 2.33Deliberative Autonomy for Autonomous Underwater VehiclesDr Kanna RajanMore Info >>
Thu 11 Jun 09 11:00EM G19-20Grid-based SLAM using Distributed Particles
Optimal and Robust Distributed Data Fusion for Joint Target-Detection and Tracking
Shanker Keshav Das
Navid Bazzazzadeh
More Info >>
Wed 20 May 09 11:00EM G19-20A Distributed Ontological World Model for Autonomous Multi Vehicle OperationsJoel CartwrightMore Info >>
Thu 7 May 09 10:30EM G19-20Oceans'09: preview of OSL papers and talksVarious OSL membersMore Info >>
Thu 2 Apr 09 11:00EM 2.33"Glaykos", or Improved Operator Debrief of Autonomous Missions Through Narrative StructureNick JohnsonMore Info >>
Thu 19 Mar 09 10:15EM 2.33ARF: Augmented Reality FrameworkBen DavisMore Info >>
Thu 12 Mar 09 11:00EM 2.33The DELPHÍS System: A Multi-Agent Architecture to Increase Coordination Efficiency in Multi-AUV OperationsChris SotzingMore Info >>
Thu 5 Mar 09 11:00EM 2.33Acoustic Stereo Imaging (ASI) SystemHassan AssalihMore Info >>
Thu 19 Feb 09 14:00EM 2.33Oceans Web Site NewsYvan PetillotMore Info >>
Sat 17 Jan 09 15:00EM G.85A guided tour of the ocean systems labJ. CartwrightMore Info >>

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