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Title: "Glaykos", or Improved Operator Debrief of Autonomous Missions Through Narrative Structure
Date: Thu 2 Apr 2009
Time: 11:00
Location: EM 2.33
Speaker: Nick Johnson
PhD student at OSL
Description: Increased autonomy allows autonomous underwater vehicles to act without direct support or supervision, as well as operate in previously unreachable environments. This comes with pitfalls of its own, however. It requires increased complexity, and a deficit of trust may form between operators and complex machines which require advanced backgrounds in computing in order to fully understand their functioning. Previous research has shown that this deficit can be reduced through repeated experience with the system in question, with a simulation potentially standing for expensive real systems. Furthermore, the mission parameters provided to autonomous systems must be rigorously tested in order to guard against the damaging or expense which could be the result of mission failure. Regardless of of the purpose of a mission, or whether it is performed with real vehicles or their simulated counterparts, effective debrief represents the most efficient method for performing an analysis of the mission. Moving towards achieving this, we present a novel system to maximize the effectiveness of a debrief monologue by ordering the events which make up the mission into the most appropriate order for the operator's understanding. This is done by employing a narrative based structure, which has been shown to be the quickest and most effective way of building a coherent situation model inside a person's mind.

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