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Title: The DELPHÍS System: A Multi-Agent Architecture to Increase Coordination Efficiency in Multi-AUV Operations
Date: Thu 12 Mar 2009
Time: 11:00
Location: EM 2.33
Speaker: Chris Sotzing
Description: This seminar will present the work undertaken during Chris Sotzing's PhD. The research addresses the problem of coordinating multiple autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) operations. An intelligent mission executive (the DELPHÍS system) has been created that uses multi-agent technology to control and coordinate multiple AUVs in communication deficient environments. By incorporating real time vehicle prediction, blackboard-based hierarchical mission plans and mission optimisation in conjunction with a simple broadcast communication system this system aims to handle the limitations inherent in underwater operations and intelligently control multiple vehicles. In this research efficiency is evaluated and then compared to the current state of the art in multiple AUV control. Results have shown that compared to the state of the art the control system developed and implemented in this research coordinates multiple vehicles more efficiently and is able to function in a range of poor communication environments. These findings are supported by in water validation trials with heterogeneous AUVs.
More Info: http://oceans.eps.hw.ac.uk/person.php?personID=5

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