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Title: Towards an Integrated MCM Demonstration using heterogeneous fleets of AUVs
Date: Thu 2 Sep 2010
Time: 11:00
Location: EM 2.33
Speaker: Pedro Patron
Description: The capability and cost effectiveness that autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) bring to mine countermeasure operations (MCM) has been widely demonstrated and accepted in recent years. However, these operations still rely mainly on surface vessels, human operators and divers. These current Navy forces are showing their limitations for modern MCM doctrine, which make them vulnerable, costly and slow to deploy. In this presentation, we analyse the benefits and requirements of heterogeneous fleets of AUVs for enabling fully integrated MCM operations. The Ocean Systems Laboratory has a record of successful concept demonstrations at all the Detection, Classification, Identification, and Neutralisation (DCIN) stages of the MCM workflow. Nevertheless, a demonstration showing all the multidisciplinary capabilities fully integrated in a truly autonomous distributed sensing-decision-act loop has never been achieved. In this presentation, I will describe the research and engineering challenges that we are facing. Then, I will introduce the existing research contributions in automatic target recognition, knowledge distribution and decision making processes that will allow us to overcome the research challenges in order to be able to demonstrate this capability. I will also propose a set of combined metrics to evaluate the performance improvement of the system over state-of-the-art approaches. Finally, I will identify a possible concept of operation scenario for the demonstration and provide a project plan involving several projects that targets an integrated demonstration using the fleet of AUV platforms of the laboratory by the end of this year.

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