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Title: Automatic Fault Diagnosis for Autosub 6000
Date: Tue 27 Jul 2010
Time: 14:01
Location: EM 2.33
Speaker: Richard Dearden
Description: In this talk I report on progress made in the NERC-funded project "Automatic Fault Detection for Autosub 6000" (AFDA). The project aims to improve the reliability of the Autosub autonomous underwater vehicles by implementing a fault detection system on board. I will describe the consistency-based diagnosis system we are using, Livingstone 2, and describe how it is used to model aspects of the vehicle. I will then discuss the considerable challenges that arise from the fact that like most AUVs, Autosub has very short turnaround times between missions, and may be significantly reconfigured from one mission to the next. To overcome this, we have developed a method to automatically generate a diagnosis model of the program the vehicle is executing that can be integrated with the models of the hardware. I will show that this combination of hardware and software diagnosis models allows us to detect faults that were not detectable by other means. I will also briefly discuss our approach to diagnosing vehicle subsystems that are not amenable to consistency-based approaches.

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