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Title: Condition Based Maintenance of Offshore Wind Turbines Using Intelligent Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Date: Thu 22 Apr 2010
Time: 11:00
Location: EM 2.33
Speaker: Dave Lane
Description: Current UK Government plans aim to deliver 6.4 GW of offshore wind capacity in Scottish Territorial Waters with further developments within Scotlandís two zones off the Moray Firth and Firths of Forth & Tay under the third Crown Estate leasing round. Operations and maintenance of these turbines present significant challenges in order to meet the reliability and maintainability needs that will make the cost per KWHr of generation competitive in the spot and balancing markets of the wholesale UK electricity industry. The presentation will overview the nature of this challenge, including the market drivers that create it. A diagnostic architecture using ontology modelling coupled to mutiple concurrent diagnostic methods will be described. Currently it is being used to improve detection and prediction of failures at the component or subsystem level in project work for EOn and EDF. The work builds on original research in the laboratory performing similar fault detection and diagnosis for autonomous systems, that can be linked to adaptive plan repair mechamisms. These extend the length of time between human interventions and increase the likelihood of survival.

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