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Title: Study, design and concepts of low-frequency SAS.
Date: Fri 30 Oct 2009
Time: 11:00
Location: EM 2.33
Speaker: Yan Pailhas
Description: In the MCM (Mine Counter Measure) context, a lot of effort has been put in imagery systems. The last generation of sonar, SAS (Synthetic Aperture Sonar) system, has been developed in the last 10-5 years and provided a new powerful tool for mines detection, identification and classification. The main advantages of SAS systems are: a resolution close to the wavelength, and a long range. A high frequency SAS system has been developed at NURC, the MUSCLE (300kHz center frequency). Despite the extremely good quality of the SAS images, ambiguity between mine-like objects cannot always be suppressed. This study investigates low frequency SAS systems in order to deal with two main limitations of the present system linked essentially to the sound absorption at high frequencies: providing imagery inside the target, detecting buried targets.

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