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Title: Plan proximity: an enhanced metric for plan stability
Date: Thu 17 Sep 2009
Time: 11:00
Location: EM G.19-20
Speaker: Pedro Patrón
Description: Plans executed in the real world have to adapt to the differences between the expected and the observed state of the environment where is being executed. Planning strategies dealing with this adaptation process can be compared by looking at the plan proximity between the original plan and the plans that these strategies generate to replace it. Plan proximity measures the difference between these sequential plans and the expected outcome states of these plans. We present arguments to support the claim that plan proximity is a more informed metric than plan stability in order to compare planning strategies solving these adaptation to the environment of execution.
More Info: http://osl.eps.hw.ac.uk/files/uploads/publications/ICAPS09_PPatron_WorkshopV&V.pdf

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