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"Cognitive knowledge representation under uncertainty for autonomous underwater vehicles";
Francesco Maurelli, Zeyn Saigol, David Lane
IEEE ICRA'14 IEEE Hong Kong, Workshop on Persistent Autonomy for Underwater Robotics
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"On AUV actions to correctly label world information";
F. Maurelli, Z. Saigol, D. Lane, M. Cashmore, B. Ridder, D. Magazzeni
OCEANS'14 MTS/IEEE St. John's Canada
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"Probabilistic Approaches for Intelligent AUV Localisation";
Francesco Maurelli
PhD thesis
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"Facilitating cooperative AUV missions: experimental results with an acoustic knowledge-sharing framework";
Zeyn Saigol, Gordon Frost, Nikolaos Tsiogkas, Francesco Maurelli, David Lane, Alex Bourque, Bao Nguy
Proceedings of IEEE-MTS Oceans'13, San Diego, USA
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"Pose-based and velocity-based approaches to autonomous inspection of subsea structures";
Francesco Maurelli, Tom Larkworthy, David Lane, George Karras, Charalampos Bechlioulis, Kostas Kyri
Proceedings of IEEE-MTS Oceans'13, San Diego, USA
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"Probabilistic approaches in ontologies: joining semantics and uncertainty for AUV persistent autonomy";
Francesco Maurelli, Zeyn Saigol, Georgios Papadimitriou, Tom Larkworthy, Valerio De Carolis, David L
Proceedings of IEEE-MTS Oceans'13, San Diego, USA
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"Integrated MCM missions using heterogeneous fleets of AUVs";
Francesco Maurelli, Pedro Patron, Joel Cartwright, Jamil Sawas, Yvan Petillot and David Lane
Oceans 2012, MTS/IEEE Oceans, Yesou, South Korea
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"Marine world representation and acoustic communication: challenges for multi-robot collaboration";
Francesco Maurelli, Zeyn Saigol, Carlos C. Insaurralde, Yvan R. Petillot, David M. Lane
Proceedings of IEEE AUV2012, Southampton (UK), September 2012
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"PANDORA: Persistent Autonomy through Learning, Adaptation, Observation and Re-planning";
David M. Lane, Francesco Maurelli, Tom Larkworthy, Darwin Caldwell, Joaquim Salvi, Maria Fox, Konsta
Proceedings of IFAC NGCUV'12
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"Persistent autonomy: the challenges of the PANDORA project";
David M. Lane, Francesco Maurelli, Petar Kormushev, Marc Carreras, Maria Fox, Konstantinos Kyriakopo
Proceedings of IFAC MCMC 2012 - Manoeuvring and Control of Marine Craft
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"Subakva robotiko: de homa regado al daŭra memregeco";
Francesco Maurelli
Proceedings of Internacia Kongresa Universitato - IKU 2012, Hanoi, Vietnam
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"TDMA-based exchange policies for multi-robot communication of world information";
F. Maurelli, Z. Saigol, J. Cartwright, D.M. Lane, A. Bourque, B. Nguyen
Proceedings of IFAC MCMC 2012 - Manoeuvring and Control of Marine Craft
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"Fully integrated multi-vehicles mine countermeasure missions";
Pedro Patron, Yan Pailhas, Joel Cartwright, Francesco Maurelli, Yvan Petillot, Jamil Sawas & Nicolas
UAM 2011, 4rd International Conference and Exhibition on Underwater Acoustic Measurements: Technologies & Results, Kos, Greece
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"A tree-based planner for active localisation: applications to Autonomous Underwater Vehicles";
Y. Petillot, F. Maurelli
52nd International Symposium ELMAR-2010
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"Acoustic-based techniques for AUV localisation";
Y. Petillot, F. Maurelli, N. Valeyrie, A. Mallios, P. Ridao, J. Aulinas, J. Salvi
Journal of Engineering for Maritime Environment
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"Benchmarking Autonomous Underwater Vehicles: the example of the SAUC-E competition";
F. Maurelli, Y. Petillot, A. Mallios, P. Ridao
Workshop on Benchmarking Intelligent (Multi-)Robot Systems, 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI'10)
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"EKF-SLAM for AUV navigation under Probabilistic Sonar Scan-Matching";
A. Mallios, P. Ridao, D. Ribas, F. Maurelli, Y. Petillot
Proceedings of IEEE/RSJ IROS
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"Nessie IV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle wins the SAUC-E Competition";
F. Maurelli, J. Cartwright, N. Johnson, Y. Petillot
Proceedings of IEEE Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions, Leiria, Portugal
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"Nessie V Autonomous Underwater Vehicle";
R. Baxter, J. Cartwright, O. Clert, J. Clay, B. Davis, J. Lopez, F. Maurelli, Y. Petillot, P. Patron
Student Autonomous Underwater Competition - Europe (SAUC-E)
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"NESSIE V TURBO : a new hover and power slide capable torpido shaped AUV for survey, inspection and intervention";
N. Valeyrie, F. Maurelli, P Patron, J. Cartwright, B. Davis, Y. Petillot
AUVSI North America 2010 Conference
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"Particle Diversity Reduction for AUV's Active Localisation";
F. Maurelli, Y. Petillot
Proceedings of IEEE Oceans'10, Sydney
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"Speeding-up Particle Convergence with Probabilistic Active Localisation for AUV";
F. Maurelli, A. Mallios, S. Krupinski, Y. Petillot, P. Ridao
Proceedings of IFAC Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles Symposium, Lecce, Italy
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"Nessie IV Autonomous Underwater Vehicle";
F. Maurelli, J. Cartwright, N. Johnson, G. Bossant, P. Garmier, P. Regis, J. Sawas, Y. Petillot
UUVS 2009, Unmanned Underwater Vehicles Showcase, Southampton, United Kingdom
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"Particle Filter Based AUV Localization using Imaging Sonar";
F. Maurelli, A. Mallios, D. Ribas, P. Ridao, Y. Petillot
IFAC MCMC 2009, Guarujį (SP), Brazil
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"Portability Investigation of Space Docking Techniques for AUV Docking";
F. Maurelli, A. Mallios, Y. Petillot, R. Haraksim, S. Krupinski, P. Sotiropoulos
OCEANS 2009 IEEE; Bremen, Germany
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