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Title: Low-cost Energy Measurement and Estimation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Author: Valerio De Carolis, David M. Lane, Keith E. Brown
Year: 2014
Book / Journal: Proceedings of IEEE-MTS Oceans'14, Taipei, Taiwan
Abstract: This work introduces a low-cost energy measurement method and proposes a simple linear model to estimate the vehicle energy consumption when navigating a given trajectory. Experimental results on Nessie VII AUV show that the developed system can be used to measure the energy used during the vehicle's operations with a good confidence level. Moreover the proposed estimation model can be trained using a simple calibration procedure each time the environmental conditions change or the vehicle's configuration is altered. The proposed solution is suited to real-time use on low-power embedded devices. The limited use of computation resources mean that this method is well suited for supporting navigation planning and motion control.
Keywords: autonomous underwater vehicle, energy measurement, energy estimation, auv,
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