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Title: Nessie V Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Author: R. Baxter, J. Cartwright, O. Clert, J. Clay, B. Davis, J. Lopez, F. Maurelli, Y. Petillot, P. Patron
Year: 2010
Book / Journal: Student Autonomous Underwater Competition - Europe (SAUC-E)
Abstract: Nessie V is the entry for the SAUC-E 2010 compe- tition from the Nessie Team. In this edition of the Nessie AUV family, the platform has undertaken a complete re-design both in hardware and software levels. This design has been completely carried on by students and research members of the Ocean Sys- tems Laboratory at Heriot-Watt University. The robotic platform is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, providing both vehicle state and environmental information. Using a robust hardware and software design the vehicle is ready to successfully compete in the competition, as well as being an excellent platform for research activities in the University. This paper describes the new vehicle hardware design and the novel software algorithms implemented to perform the different task challenges of the competition.
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PDF: nessie2010_small.pdf

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