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New Deadline for AuRo SI:
The new deadline to submit papers for the Springer Autonomous Robot Special Issue on "Towards Long-Term Autonomy in Marine Robotics" is the 8th of December 2014.
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Fri 3 Oct 14 16:02

Special Issue 'Autonomous Robots' Journal
The Springer "Autonomous Robots" journal has accepted a special issue on "“Towards Long-term Autonomy in Marine Robotics".
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Mon 7 Jul 14 15:06

New life for OSL tank
For years, the tank in the Ocean Systems Lab was full of sand. Now it has been cleaned up! Look at the full story and pictures...
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Mon 4 Mar 13 13:33

Pandora: internationally highly visible EU FP7 project
The FP7 Pandora project, coordinated by OSL/HWU is featured in three high profile events across Europe: the Signing Event of a Memorandum of Understanding for a Robotics Public-Private Partnership, with the EU Commissioner Neelie Kroes, the IFAC MCMC'12 a
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Tue 30 Oct 12 12:29

Special Session at IEEE/RSJ IROS 2010
A few days ago, a special session about Underwater Robotics and Application has taken place at the IEEE/RSJ 2010 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems. The organisers were from MIT, Georgia Tech and OSL/Heriot-Watt.
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Mon 25 Oct 10 12:10

Successful Invited Session at IFAC IAV 2010
OSL-HWU has organised a very successful invited session at the 7th IFAC Symposium on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles. Work from several European institutions involved in the European network FREEsubNET has been presented.
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Fri 17 Sep 10 18:14

Nessie VT takes 2nd Place at SAUC-E 2010
After an intense week of trials and debugging of the new Nessie VT automous systems, the AUV came home with 2nd place, worth €3000 compared with the €4000 1st price.
Posted On Sat 31 Jul 10 16:08

Nessie IV swims to Portugal: Best Paper Award!
A Portuguese expedition for the Ocean Systems Lab, with a talk at ISR/IST (Lisbon) and at the 10th Conference on Mobile Robots and Competitions (Leiria), The paper about Nessie IV AUV winning SAUC-E 2009 was awarded as "Best Conference Paper".
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Tue 6 Apr 10 17:00

Invited Talk at the prestigious AI-2009
The Ocean Systems Lab was invited to give a presentation about SAUC-E at the 29th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Cambridge (UK).
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Tue 9 Feb 10 14:02

Heriot-Watt Oceans Systems Laboratory performs data acquisition campaign for BAe Systems
The Oceans Systems Laboratory has recently performed (17-21 08/09) the second phase of its sonar data acquisition campaign for BAe Systems using their REMUS 100 autonomous underwater vehicle equipped with a Marine Sonics Side Scan Sonar and a Blueview PE
Posted by Yvan Petillot On Wed 2 Sep 09 13:59

Heriot-Watt victorious in underwater robot competition
Heriot-Watt University scores first at the SAUC-E, a European underwater robot competition. Congratulations to Team Nessie for the excellent result!
Posted by Francesco Maurelli On Thu 16 Jul 09 12:41

OSL presents capabilities at Sellafield
The OSL was invited to the Remote Technology Open Day hosted by Sellafield in Cumbria on 3rd March 2009.
Posted On Tue 5 May 09 17:57

OSL Demonstrate Work to the MoD
MoD guests attend an in-water demonstration of OSL technologies at Loch Earn in the Scottish Highlands.
Posted On Mon 26 Jan 09 12:36

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